48+ Awesome DIY Farmhouse Mudroom Bench Decor Ideas

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2 of 50

An entryway bench is a really great option when you have a small (or no!) entryway, as is common in most smaller homes.

It gives you a space to sit and put on your shoes, or the little ones shoes, and also to set items when coming into the house. It can be pressed into service as temporary seating at the dining table when entertaining, or even used as a sofa or side table in a pinch. Its the perfect height for a kids table when the little ones come to visit. And it helps to create an entryway when there is no formal space at the door, by providing some structure. A piece of furniture this versatile is just what the small house ordered!

Here are our picks for DIY entryway benches, and we have lots of tutorials here to save you money!

image source : pinterest.com